How It Works

BCPS understands that finding the perfect pet sitter is nothing short of finding the proper babysitter or nanny for your first born. Please allow us to explain the pet sitting process from start to finish:

It’s simple really… The entire process begins the moment you contact us. We answer the phones from 3pm-8pm M-F and reply to your emails 24/7.

professional pet sitter1. PET PROFILE

We begin with a brief intake over the phone to learn all about you and your pet so we can best match them with their ideal pet sitter. We always aim for high compatibility. Next, you will be directed to set up an online account where we capture your pet’s personality, diet, special needs or instructions, whether they are spayed/neutered, etc.

professional dog walker 2. WE MATCH YOUR PET SITTER

With pet profile in hand, we are on the phone with your ideal pet sitter minutes after the phone intake. We relay all that we’ve learned about your pet and your pet sitter is on board ready to contact you. All of our pet sitters are professional, hard working individuals. We hire into our network only after a rigorous interviewing process that includes a background check. We absolutely love and adore each and every one of our sitters and we are sure you’ll feel the same once you meet yours!See also Insured and Bonded.

schedule pet sitting3. SET UP A TIME TO MEET

Your pet sitter picks up the phone and makes contact with you to schedule a meet-and-greet. You get to know your pet sitter on the phone and set up a convenient time to meet face-to-face. You’ll set up a mutually convenient time for the sitter to stop by your home. This is also where you can give a tour of all the necessities; location of food, water, litter box, extra litter, scooper, can openers, paper towels, cleaning products, broom, vacuum, cat toys, favorite hiding spots… You may, at this point, hand the sitter a set of keys or find another time closer to your departure to do so.

in home pet care4. RESERVE YOUR PET SITTER

After the in-person meeting with your pet sitter, you can schedule services via our online scheduling system.

contact pet sitter5. CONSTANT UPDATES

Every visit scheduled and day that you are away, your pet sitter will check in with you in the form of an email update (or via text or phone, if you prefer). Our pet sitters love their job and it becomes evident in the communication they provide you.