Let ’em Sniff

Why You Should Let Your Dog Sniff During Walks Dogs need mental exercise as well as physical, and sniffing during walks gives them exactly that. Abbie Mood, Dip. CBST  |  Apr 17th 2017  SOURCE: When to let them sniff How it works   READ full article here:

Avoid and Stop Dog Fights

Fights Between Dogs — How to Avoid and Stop Them SOURCE: Following are excerpts from a recent PetLife article (part 1), a summary of a video program from trainer Ian Dunbar (part 2), and quick tips for avoiding and stopping fights between dogs (parts 3 and 4). Also, be sure to see last week’s tip

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Dog Bite First Aid

First Aid For Dog Wounds On Dogs SOURCE: If your puppy or dog gets injured by another dog (and this can happen quite innocently, maybe even during a spirited play session!), it’s important to know how to treat his wound/s properly. Of course you’re going to be upset, worried and maybe even a bit frightened,

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Celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week!

It’s Professional Pet Sitters Week! SOURCE: How many of you have had pet sitters at one time or another? Pretty invaluable aren’t they? Sometimes people with pets, be they dogs or cats, feel a little tied down, unable to even go out of town for an evening without worrying about the pets they’d leave behind.

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Training Your Wiem

The Weim Trainer’s Tool Belt SOURCE: BY JO SILVERMAN (Or, What Stuff Do You Really Need to Train Your Weim?) Let’s face it, there are a lot of dog products out there. And your Weim doesn’t need all of them. (Even if she tries to tell you that she does, when you visit the

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Picking the Right Crate for Your Pup

How to find a comfortable crate for your dog SOURCE:  Metro Creative Connection Aug 29, 2016 Many trainers and veterinarians recommend that dog owners buy dog crates as soon as possible after buying or adopting a dog. A pet owner’s choice of crate can go a long way toward ensuring the dog reacts positively to

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Summer Heat – Protect Your Pet

Keep Pets Safe in the Heat SOURCE: The summer months can be uncomfortable—even dangerous—for pets and people. It’s difficult enough simply to cope with rising temperatures, let alone thick humidity, but things really get tough in areas that are hit with the double blow of intense heat and storm-caused power outages, sometimes with tragic results.

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Rain, Rain Go Away – You’re Scaring my pet!

Thunderstorm phobia in pets can be helped, according to vets SOURCE: WKBNPublished: April 26, 2016, 3:28 pm YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Thunderstorm phobia in animals is real and not uncommon. The phobia can cause pets to hide for hours, chew things up or even become aggressive during a storm. A Youngstown-area veterinarian said that it is important

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Pet Owner Yard Safety Tips

3 Yard Safety Tips for Pet Owners SOURCE: By Kerrie Kelly, ASID 6 days ago at 12:00 pm Most pet owners would agree that having a dog or cat is one of the best pastimes in the world. From walks in the park to playdates with furry friends, caring for a pet is both fun

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Trim Your Dogs Nails, They’ll Be Happy You Did!

A Stress-Free Way For Trimming Your Dog’s Toenails SOURCE: by Dr Karen Gellman in Holistic Care The most common reasons for avoiding nail trims are that the owner is afraid of “quicking” the dog, or that the dog fusses and creates bad feelings around the procedure. Nail cutting becomes an event surrounded by angst and

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